Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random Pictures

Norm had to go out to the shed and didn't
want to get his pant legs wet! lol

The first ultrasound pictures! I was about 4 mouth along!
Laying on his belly!

Baby sucking on his thumb


  1. Ok, so that 1st pic is simply adorable!!! you guys are way cute!! and the 2nd one....ha ha! nice normy boy ;D and you already know what I think of the last 2 pic's.... =)~Tt

  2. I love the pic of u 2,Norm, Norm,Norm, You are special and your my special son-inlaw, love u.And my little Henry i mean Trent:) can't wait to smell his little head OOOO that baby smell, and oh to give him a grandma smooch.

  3. Oh Bobbi!!!! What adorable pictures! I love the one of you three by the tree. :) I miss you lots!