Saturday, January 15, 2011

Packers Game

Over to Chris and Jon's place watching the Packers game! :)
Lots of snacks and lots of laughs! Like a little mother, I brought
some Venison stew to make sure we didn't have JUST junk food. Haha


REAL cheese huh?

Made some pigs in a blanket

The guys showing a little team spirit! LOL
 Its funny cause Norm really could care
 less about football and Chris doesn't 
 even like the Packers! :)

They didn't last to long!

My snacks! (ok so maybe I had a few chips) ;)

I just could not take him seriously
in that "gangsta" style hat! 


  1. Looks like a blast!!

  2. It's called male bonding... and the mother instinct has already kicked in HEE Hee. Mom

  3. chris is so......cheesy! haha! :D looks like you had a fun evening! ~Tt

  4. Love the way you put it TT...'cheesy'! LOL! Looks like it was a fun evening, Bobbi!

  5. :) yeah that's my sister for ya! Haha!