Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nursery and baby shower

I have lots of updating to do! 
Just for a quick review... We had
been told that something wasn't quite
normal with the baby's right Kidney.
After having yet another ultrasound, they 
found that he just has a extra little piece
to his Kidney. It shouldn't cause any problems!
We are definantly praising the Lord for that! :)
As far as the pregnancy goes... all seems
to be going well, im still feeling great!
 In 2 days i'll be 34 weeks along, 
so were getting there! :)
I have been working on the lil guys room,
 and I had my baby shower this week! :)
So here are some pictures!

A few baby shower pics!


  1. Trents room looks so good,you did a nice job. Love the crib you found the color you wanted. Looks like a good turn out for the shower. Wish i could have been their, love you! Mom

  2. Thanks Mom! The crib is the one you had told me about, I love the way it matches the hope chest! :) yeah the shower went good, wish to that you could have been there! Love you to! :)

  3. CUTE!!! Both you and the little nursery! I would absolutely love to be able to spend some time with you, Bobbi! Hopefully I will be able to sometime in the future. :) I'm so happy that the extra piece on Trenton's kidney shouldn't be a big deal!
    Love you!

  4. HI. You are great with a paintbrush!! Looks really good! Krystal