Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baby Trenton!

Trenton Thomas Borntreger made his arrival
March 24th, 8lb 4oz 20 in long! 

I went in to the hospital on the 23rd because I was
having pretty regular contractions, only to be sent home
10 hours later. So I went home and that night my water
broke. So off to the hospital again. The problem
was that the baby hadn't dropped yet and we couldn't
get him to. We tried for 6 hours, by laying in different 
positions and all that fun stuff, but still nothing.
Finally we realized that the safest way for him to be born
was going to be a C-section. Not the way I had planned
but it just had to be done! Thankfully we made that choice,
because we later found out that the cord was around his neck
and had him suspended in a way that made it impossible to drop.
Praise the Lord everything went well, and I am now back
on my feet, feeling good! Trenton is doing wonderful as well,
and is a very good baby so far! :) We are madly in love with him!

 Getting ready for surgery

Norm was right by my side, all suited up :) 

Just born 

He is such a great Daddy!  

 My first time holding him

Not a fan of his first bath! :) 

Feeling better 

A very tired Daddy 

Getting rid of a little Yellow tint 

 Trenton and Aunt Terri


  1. Thanks so much for giving the details. I was pretty sure you had had to go in for c-section but wasn't totally sure. I absolutely love the pictures but the one of the three of you is priceless! I'm so glad you're doing good. I sure can't wait to meet this little man of yours in person. :) Love ya all!


  2. Thank you dear! Yes you need to meet him this next month when were in east... AND come visit us this year some time! :)

  3. The one of him in the sunshine is precious.He looks indian, can't wait to hold him. Mom

  4. Barb! He is adorable! So cute. Have to smile at his first bath. :)

  5. you all are coming East?? when? Hopefully we'll get to see you! The baby is precious and I have to say the one of him in the sun is my favorite!

  6. Thankyou Erin! Yes were coming East. We leave this next Monday for Indiana, and then were going to drive up to Maine. Were going to stop in NY on our way back through to Indiana. :)